Rock Solid Carbon Sequestration Solutions

Transforming mineral waste into durable CO2 storage

Hub One Project

See how historic serpentine tailings can become a powerful tool for durable carbon storage and the circular economy

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About Exterra Carbon Solutions

Exterra Carbon Solutions is a negative emissions technology company developing a world class solution for durable CO2 storage using mineral waste. We use an engineered approach to accelerate the natural weathering of rocks, capable of transforming mineral waste piles into large-scale carbon sinks on timescales relevant to global climate action.

We are leaders in engineered mineral carbonation and are developing the carbon accounting methodologies needed for generating trusted carbon credits with the largest standard bodies globally. In addition, as members of multiple expert committees, we help shape how standard bodies implement accounting frameworks for various CO2 mineralization technologies.

We provide industrial emitters or direct-air-capture companies with turnkey solutions for permanent, verifiable storage of their captured CO2.

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Technological Highlights

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    High capacity and low cost

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    Measurable and verifiable impact

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    Flexible CO2 source

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    Wide-range of suitable mineral waste

CO2 storage can enable deep emissions reductions and carbon removal

CO2 storage is a crucial component of the decarbonization value chain. While CO2 can be captured from a range of sources, permanently storing this CO2 is the essential enabler of large-scale emissions reductions. Technology-based approaches to removing carbon from the atmosphere, critically depend on CO2 storage for “negative emissions”. As a CO2 storage project developer, Exterra collaborates with CO2 sources, mineral waste producers, and carbon credit buyers to realize meaningful decarbonization progress.

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    Are you looking to implement a carbon capture project and need durable and verifiable storage?

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    Are you producing mineral waste and looking to improve the environmental footprint of your operation?

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    Are you a carbon credit buyer looking for high quality, durable credits that provide a multitude of co-benefits?

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Carbon Removal Credits

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    CO2-bearing minerals are kept on-site for backfill and site rehabilitation. Our trusted credits are fully auditable.

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    Carbonates formed lock CO2 for millennia with no reversal risk. No need for costly long-term monitoring.

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    Process uses mature technology, has low-energy demand, and minimal plant footprint making it highly scalable.

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    Environmental risks from waste are reduced, projects have negative land footprint, and extracted byproducts contribute to the circular economy

Creating solutions through successful partnerships

Mineral waste producers, CO2 source partners, carbon credit buyers, we are all a link a greener tomorrow.

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    Hub One Project

    See how historic serpentine tailings can become a powerful tool for durable carbon storage and the circular economy

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