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MONTRÉAL, QC (August 9, 2023) — Deep Sky, a Montreal-based venture commercializing carbon removal solutions at scale, and Exterra Carbon Solutions, a carbon dioxide storage company that is pioneering engineered mineralization to permanently store CO2, are partnering exclusively on a carbon removal pilot facility to help reverse climate change. The plant in Southern Quebec will be completed in H2 2024, sequester up to 1,000 tons of CO2 annually, and validate the end-to-end carbon removal solution ahead of a commercial rollout across Canada.


As the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon capture company, Deep Sky will capture substantial amounts of CO2 directly from the atmosphere and the ocean. Exterra provides companies like Deep Sky with a turnkey solution for permanent, verifiable storage of captured CO2. As part of the pilot, Exterra will store Deep Sky’s captured carbon using the vast reserves of mine tailings in locations such as Thetford Mines, Quebec.


Exterra’s innovative process mimics the natural weathering of rocks, significantly accelerating CO2 mineralization, allowing for rapid and durable carbon sequestration. Alongside this, Exterra has developed the world’s first standard-approved methodology for engineered carbonation of mineral waste, enabling its technology and projects to generate best-in-class carbon credits. The company has also secured millions of tonnes of serpentine mineral waste to develop Quebec’s first carbon storage hub.


“Carbon credit customers are looking for a trusted, end-to-end carbon capture and storage solution,” said Fred Lalonde, Deep Sky Co-Founder. “One company that offers every step of the process did not exist – until now. Our pilot facilities are rolling out at record speed, validating the tech so the largest supply of carbon credits can be brought to market. Thanks to existing permitting, our exclusive Exterra partnership will accelerate the industry and create credits faster than ever before.”


“Even if we rapidly reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions completely, we will still need to remove carbon dioxide to have a chance of limiting dangerous levels of global warming,” said Olivier Dufresne, CEO & Co-Founder of Exterra Carbon Solutions. “Our carbon storage technology uses mineral waste to transform CO2 into rocks. This is done in a fully engineered system which provides direct, real-time monitoring of CO2 storage data and can be deployed at scale rapidly. By joining forces, Deep Sky and Exterra are shaping an essential roadmap for developing the carbon management infrastructure Quebec urgently needs.”


Deep Sky’s exclusive partnership with Exterra is the company’s first pilot project with a CO2 mineralization solutions and sequestration provider. The final link in the carbon capture and sequestration chain, mineralization of carbon into rock closes the loop in Deep Sky’s business model and operations. Acting as a project developer, Deep Sky is bringing together the most promising direct air and ocean capture technologies by building mass scale carbon removal and storage infrastructure in Canada.

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